30 July 2010

Courgette Cake

I made a promise to work people that I would make a cake for a lunch we were having and I thought I would make brownies or some such. Then I met my friend for dinner and a crossword (we do love the Saturday Times crossword) and she offered me some home grown courgettes. So what better idea than a courgette cake (or Zucchini Bread according to Rachel)? I decided that I would add a lime icing to give it a little lift. Really this is a banana bread but rather than the bananas you add grated courgette. The home grown courgettes were lovely, so green and fresh, lovely to use something that has been grown from scratch. Rachel's recipe makes two loaves which was serendipitous as there would be about 15 people for lunch. I made the icing with lime juice from two limes, some zest and icing sugar. The citrusy lime cutting the sweetness of the sugar. So after being soaked through on the way to the lunch (one of those freak summer storms) they made it in one piece and were greeted with lots of compliments. So thanks to my friend and her fresh produce and I look forward to more home grown goods (and especially vegetables, there were some beetroots I have my eye on for a chocolate and beetroot cake) to make more yummy cakes.

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