24 May 2011

Natural Leaven: Day Two

I'm a bit later than I should be tonight with my next stage but it is Lindy Hop on Tuesdays so I'm just in.
According to the instructions on day two the leaven shouldn't look too different from day one. I've just opened it and had a look and smell. It's supposed to look shiny "as the solids separate from the water and sink to the bottom" and it pretty much looks like that (see the picture). It smells of flour and raisins, sort of sweet.
So I have just fed it with another 50g of water at 20C and then 2 rounded tsp each of rye flour and strong white flour. Mix the water in first and then add the flours. Then the lid is back on and it's left for another 24 hours.
It will be later tomorrow night as I'm out again. I will do the feeding and let you know how it's going the following morning, I know you will be waiting!

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