16 March 2011

Miniature Food, The Way Forward?

Looking back at my cooking and baking over the last few weeks I have noticed a trend, a trend toward mini food. It started off with my mini toad-in-the-holes a couple of weeks ago. I had made the real deal recently and then thought that mini ones would be fun. I made them in a muffin tray with a halved sausage in each one. And great they were, even had some for lunch later in the week.
I continued the trend with the mini Baked Alaska's, as seen earlier this week and I was on a roll. On Sunday, in my sickened state, I was restless and after flicking through Rachel's Bake I decided to make scones. Scones are easy, not many ingredients needed and they are scrummy straight from the oven.
I was going to make half the quantity (6) and went searching for my cookie cutter. But in the move I had ditched my large one and only had, you guessed it, a mini one! So, in a way I was forced into mini food this time.
I had one more stumbling block, no cream of tartar. After an extensive interwebulator search I discovered that there is no good substitute for cream of tartar! But in extremis you can just replace it with baking powder. I felt that the situation was extremis enough so that's what I did. I have now put it on my shopping list as they didn't rise a much as they usually do and no good kitchen is equipped without it.
I think the best thing about mini food is that you can eat more! They're only small, so three is ok, isn't it? They are also very cute, they really are And, of course, you can always pretend to be a giant!

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