5 February 2011

Roll Loaf

Week two in the 2011 bread making challenge and another loaf successfully made (and eaten!). I decided to use the basic white dough this morning and make a connected roll loaf. Does that make any sense? I'm having difficulty describing it.
I used a round tin, divided the dough into 12 small rolls and arranged the rolls in the round tin so that when they were cooked they were connected but easily torn into their original roll form. When I post the picture hopefully you'll know what I'm talking about.
Today I felt that I had nailed the kneading, I could really feel the dough coming together and becoming all smooth and bouncy. I think it took me about 15 minutes of kneading. I also added some extra water to the dough and I think that helped too.
I took a leaf out of Lorraine Pascale's book (or rather her TV show) and put the dough to prove in front of the warm oven and it worked. The dough doubled in size and when I knocked it back and folded it into the rolls it felt lovely and soft.
I baked it for about 18 minutes, it rose well and when I broke it up it wasn't as dense as my previous attempts, lots of nice holes and air. It went down very well with some butter and homemade blackcurrant jam. It doesn't last very long this home made bread does it?
Next week I am moving house so I don't think there will be bread making time but fear not I will be back after that to continue the 2011 BC (bread challenge of course, keep up).

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