27 February 2011

Cheese and Cumin Bread

All settled in now and back on track with my bread challenge and today I decided on a flavoured bread, cheese and cumin bread. When I was out yesterday I picked up the cheese. I was supposed to be Gruyere but they only had sliced so I went for emmental which will do the job.
Apart from the white dough (made with 500g strong white flour, 10g yeast, 10g salt and 350mls water) rested for and hour you also need 250g cheese of choice and half a tsp each of cumin seeds and ground cumin. After kneading the dough (down to seven minutes today) and resting for the hour flatten the dough. Then sprinkle the cumin and cheese over it and press it in so that it is worked into the dough. Fold over a third of the dough then the other thirds and make into a ball and leave for another 30 minutes. The recipe was for three loaves but I decided to go for two slightly bigger loaves. After the 30 minutes is up you then divide in two and form into a loaf. I had the tins ready, greased and my lovely loaf liners popped in. Once you have formed them into loaves to pop them in the prepared tins and leave to double in size (about and hour, depending on how warm the kithcen is).
As I was making two loaves I decided to freeze one. I cooked that one for half the time, let it cool completely and then wrapped it in greaseproof paper and a plastic bag. This will be cooked through next weekend when we have visitors coming.
The other loaf was cooked for 20 minutes and eaten in about 10! Lovely warm cheesey bread with a of hint of cumin, works well with smoked salmon. And no oven problems today! The picture shows my effort in front of how it should look, I'll leave you to judge!

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