18 October 2010

Banana Muffin Disaster

Last week when I was recovering from a cold I decided, as a way of cheering myself up, to bake something. For some reason I fell upon Banana Muffins, don't ask me why, it just popped into my head (much like the stay-puffed marshamallow man!). I did a search and found a food blog (chubbyhubby) where he had made Nigella's Banana Muffins (from Domestic Goddess) and I read on. Well, he didn't like them, he said they were easy but didn't taste good. As a big fan of Nigella I felt a certain amount of resentment and defensiveness at this slight and decided to show him!
I have the book so I checked what I needed and went to the shop. The recipe calls for a small amount of butter (30g), honey (60g), vanilla extract and mashed banana as the wet ingredients and flour, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder (no eggs I hear you say, I know, but Nigella must know what she's doing). You add wet to dry mix and put in muffin cases and bake for 25 minutes.
Once they were out of the oven they looked a bit underwhelming but I iced them with some butterscotch sauce that I had made a while ago and was still confident of a good Banana Muffin. After dinner I offered one to my friend and we peeled away the muffin paper and bit in. Well, I hate to say it but chubbyhubby was right! The only thing that made them taste in any way good was the butterscotch sauce! I wasn't happy and after keeping them for a couple of days I gave in and threw the other ten away. The horror, the horror!
But Nigella remains a heroine as this is the first one of her recipes that I've tried that hasn't worked so that's a fairly good record. So photo for this post.
On another note, Christmas is only ten weeks away (I know) and my friend made some Christmas puddings over the weekend and it made me think it's time for me to make some myself. I will be cooking Christmas dinner for the boyfriend's family this year so it's all the trimmings. I started a search for my mothers pudding recipe, she sent it to me a couple of years ago and I knew I had put it somewhere safe. And I was right, it was in Rachel's Cooking for Friends. So I am armed with the family recipe and I will make them at the weekend, more later.

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