29 September 2010

The Rumours of my Death Have Been Exaggerated!

I have been absent, away, not here, an ex-blogger. Have you missed me? It has been a bit of a whirl at work recently, travelling etc so no time for the blogging. There have been many cakes, but as there has been a break, I can't really remember the details so I'm going to do a big list.
So there was the Banana and Chocolate loaf, the Cherry Chocolate Coconut slices, the Apple Cake (made twice, the first time to great success and the second time, well lets just say it was thrown away!), the Banana Cake with Butterscotch Icing, the Pastry-less Pear and Almond Tart and THE most sticky, gooey, sugary flapjacks ever to come out of an oven. All met with yums and were eaten up so haven't lost the touch.
I've also finished my stripey crochet cushion. It seemed to take a while but then came together really quickly in the end. It now has pride of place on MY chair (you know what I'm talking about!).
There will probably be a bit of a gap between this and the next post too as I am off to Frankfurt next week for work so very little time for the baking or the knitting but I'm determined to bake up a knitting storm when I get back.
P.S. I came up with the post name and then couldn't remember who said it so my helpful friend Mr Google cam to the rescue, it was Mark Twain.

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