24 October 2010

Christmas Puddings (Part 1)

So it's Christmas pudding day. It was supposed to be yesterday but after a 4 hour shopping marathon (don't ask) there was no time for the 6 hours of steaming and I had to move it. One of the reasons for the extended shopping yesterday was that I forgot to bring the ingredients list into the supermarket. Picture the scene: Saturday afternoon on a Tesco Extra with the whole population of London surrounding us (believe me it felt like it), we are nearing the end and I suddenly remember that I don't have the list I need for the puddings. There was a moment where I was thinking of not mentioning it but thought better of that so I told the boyfriend. Rather than getting upset he just smiled and asked if I wanted him to go to the car and get it! Not sure what happened there but I didn't ask just said yes and we met five minutes later in sliced bread. The upshot of which is that I have the ingredients and it's time to start. More later.

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