21 January 2010

The History of Knitting Club

Mine weren’t so much New Year resolutions as New Year resolves. The resolve to pursue the things that I enjoy doing, explore them more, learn more about them and enhance my skills. Then bore you with the process and the outcomes! More baking, more knitting. Like most girls (or at least the ones that I know) I learned how to knit when I was young. My mother was always knitting and she taught me and I also knitted at primary school. My Granny crocheted, she was amazing, she created the most beautiful, intricate crochet (she crocheted my communion dress, giving away my catholic upbringing) and she taught me how to crochet. Years went by and every so often I had a spate of knitting, a jumper for my brother (knitted on night duty when I was doing my nursing training), a cardigan for a friend’s baby but never anything sustained. Then, about six years ago (it may be longer but I won’t admit it!) two friends expressed an interest in learning to knit, or rather to re-learn how to knit, and knitting club was born. We got through the basics and then projects were started, some were finished but mostly it became a social thing, an excuse to meet up in Liberty’s second floor café and catch up. However, I found that I really enjoyed it and found myself looking forward to the next project, learning more with each one and honing my skills. And, surprise, surprise I was good at it and friends requested jumpers and such (and even wore them!). But I found in the last two years that I had lost the drive to knit and so resolved to get back into it this year, get a body of work together, maybe some commissions and generally get my knitting mojo back. And, of course write about it! So far this year I have knitted a pair of mittens (a commission for which I am receiving a knitting book) and a beret. I have bought the wool to make this wonderful vintage short-sleeved sweater and have just cast on the stitches this morning. Not bad for week three of the new year.

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  1. I am the lucky recipient of the gorgeous mittens. They are the cosiest and most happy-making hand coverings ever. While they were in the wash (cold silk cycle), I was forced to revert to some mitts from Accessorise, which felt flimsy and unsatisfying... Long live Cakes and Cardies!