25 January 2010

And Now for Some Baking

Cakes, sweets, tarts, biscuits aren't they just the food of the Gods? Or is that just me? However if I was to bake without a reason, i.e. a reason to take them out of the house and out of temptation, then I would be the size of a house! Or at least a modest four bedroomed bungalow with two toilets and an en suite, you get the idea. As a result I jump at any opportunity to bake for others, whether it be a birthday for a friend or at work, a visit, a dinner party or indeed just any old spurious excuse (meeting someone for a drink, passing someone putting out the rubbish.....) and it's amazing how many of these come up. Recently I have been making a lot of sweets from the Hope and Greenwood book (have a look at their website and if you get a chance visit their shops, the one in East Dulwich is my dream place). A friend made some salted caramels recently and she shared the recipe, I made them last week. These were a case of making something that didn't have a purpose so they were in the cupboard calling to me, I gave in, a few times! Then work benefited from them, I just couldn't have them in the house. They were fun to make too, all that bubbling sugar and the possibility that it could burn if you let it go over the required 248F. That's about as close as I come to danger! The picture in my first post is some Chocolate Espresso sweets that I made as a belated Christmas present for a friend. They were supposed to a chocolate covered coffee bean on top but due to the snow I had to make do with the red candy hearts that were lurking a my cupboard. As you can see I enjoy my food and I hope to share that passion with you if you stick with me.


  1. I don't remember the sweater she knit for me on night duty. Maybe I was too young and my memory wasn't very well formed or maybe the trauma is too much for me to handle.
    Anyway, I'm sure it was done with the best intentions.
    Now, if you feel like baking me a sticky chocolate cake I think I could handlt that...

  2. blogtastic, cakes are just what my training plan needs to get me going :-) x

  3. You weren't the brother I knitted it for, hence the disremembering! It was for the eldest, I'm sure he doesn't remember either!