19 January 2010

The Beginning

This is all new to me, both blogging and writing about my life in this public way, so bear with me and hopefully I will get by and you may enjoy the process (I say "may", I'm not promising anything). So, where to begin? I guess with the reason for this diary. I live in London, have a good job that I like and enjoy but there is always a little voice, a very insistent voice, that whispers "is this it, is this it until I reach 66?" I'm guessing that many of you have asked the same question and especially at the beginning of a new year (or a new decade) and this blog is, for me, a way of focusing on the other things in my life, the things that work allows me to do.
As you will have worked out from the title, this will be a lot about cooking, baking in particular, and knitting (not just cardies, all sorts of garments created through the medium of wool). I want this to be a log of these things but also whatever else comes to mind, there will be books recommended, resturants visited and dances danced (more on that later).
So grab your circular needles, your favourite wool, your Kitchenaid (I wish) and keep me company on this culinary and woolinary journey.


  1. Lovely cupcakes! I am looking forward to follow this blog.

  2. Utterly marvellous.
    Am loving the web page. Glorious fonts and suchamanot. Am bunging a link to here immediately.
    Keep it up. That's an order.
    Keep hopping the lindy,