12 March 2010

Technology and Crafts

As you may have realised from previous posts I am not exactly up on all the modern technology. Don't get me wrong, I can find my way around the interwebulator (my pet name for it) and I get that it is an amazing thing, what did we do before it arrived? But there is so much that I don't know and last night I learnt a little bit more with Twitter and Facebook feeds set up. It got me to thinking about how this technology makes crafty things so much easier. Just a simple search and you can find Knitting Standards, buy wool, find recipes for anything you desire and get the wherewithal to make Easter Eggs. And that is what I am going to do, make Easter Eggs. I am off to Milan for Easter to visit my brother and family. My other brother and his family are coming too so there will be four nieces and nephews (two of each) to fill full of Easter chocolate. I was going to make the eggs and bring them over but then at a friends suggestion I decided to bring everything with me and we can make the eggs together. Am I mad, foolhardy or just a single childless woman who doesn't see the pitfalls of mixing children with melted chocolate? Maybe, but I'm actually looking forward to it. I will practice before I go, just to make sure I know what I'm doing and the upside is that my friends will benefit (yes that's you reading this) and I get to lick the bowl. No I can't, it will still be Lent, ok so I will have to wait for bowl licking until Milan. I have now purchased everything I need (from the Internet, some great sites out there, cakes, cookies and craft shop and Lakeland being the ones I used on this occasion) and will spend the weekend before Easter having lots of messy fun, I'm really looking forward to it and I will make sure I post photos to show you how I do.
P.S. the picture at the top is of some yummy scones I made on Saturday, so quick and easy and great for afternoon tea. Nigella's recipe in How to Be a Domestic Goddess is the one I use and they work out everytime.

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