5 February 2010

Transmission Resumed

Sorry about the week of silence, I have had a very busy week at work (and it has to said, socially, out every night!) so no time to update you on my cakeyknitty activity. I'm sure you have all been checking daily! I know one friend who's cheese sandwich hasn't been the same all week.
Some of you, who have been with me from the start, will remember in my first post that I mentioned "dances danced" and promised more later. No? No memory of that? Well off you go and have a read and join me when you are ready....
A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to learn Lindy Hop (stay with me, I will get to the present day, well, presently) and went to a class at the London Swing Society. I really enjoyed it and wanted to continue but circumstances prevented it. Jump forward two years and as part of my new year resolves to do more stuff I decided to go back. I managed to persuade a friend to come with me (he didn't need much persuasion really, he likes a bit of a boogie like me) and we went three weeks ago. Now, the nature of going to dance classes is that there will always (always) be more women than men. This class was no exception, however there were a lot more men than I expected. To get around this they organise it so that the men stay where they are and the women rotate and because of this I only got to dance about four times and with men of varying, shall we say, abilities. Despite that, we enjoyed it and resolved to continue. Due to injury (my partner) we couldn't go the next week but come this Tuesday there we were all hopped up to Lindy. This time, however, we made sure we were in the row that didn't rotate partners so got to dance together for the hour and it made such a difference. At the end, and I think I can speak for both of us here, we had really nailed the routine. I'm not saying we were perfect and that we haven't forgotten it all now but, you know, we felt like we had achieved something. And the other thing that was great about it was that I forgot all about the madness that is work at the moment, for that hour all I had to think about was where were my feet going, which way was I spinning and avoid stepping on my partners toes (ouch, sorry). In other words, a great way to relax, I would recommend it highly. I am looking forward to next week and will keep you up to date with our progress but if you want to see us practice you may just glimpse us on a Saturday night on the Southbank! And if you want to see what we will be like in a few weeks check out this video on youtube Hellzapoppin


  1. You're back Shazza. Thank you, my cheese sandwich was much better today. x

  2. Ha! Not with his 'back' you're not... Have fun tonight though. x