9 February 2010

Marshmallow Delights

I have been eyeing up the marshmallow recipe in my Hope and Greenwood book for a while and marvelling that you can make marshmallow. I mean everyone knows that you buy them in the local shop, they are pink and white and you you put them in hot chocolate or rocky road. You don't actually make them! But apparently you can and so having bought myself a new toy, a Breville Stand Mixer (it's no Kitchenaid but it does the trick and is a actually affordable), I set about the making of the marshmallow. It is fairly easy, you make a sugar syrup and add that to egg whites stiffened in the above mentioned mixer. Then you just turn the mixer to high and let it do it's stuff for about 15 minutes (I am loving the mixer, can you tell?), pour it into a prepared tin and wait..... two hours. That two hours was a bit difficult, I'm a bit impatient and want to have it now, but I managed it and then low and behold I had marshmallows. These were not anything like the ones you buy, these were soft pillows of vanilla loveliness. And the taste, well all I can say is, dreamy. Am I blowing my own trumpet? No I am blowing the trumpet of Ms Hope and Mr Greenwood, I just did what I was told. My friend was visiting me for lunch that day and took some pictures, one shows me sieving some icing sugar/cornflour over the lovely logs of mallow, mmmm. I need never buy marshmallows again. My friend was sent home with a bag and I'm rationing the rest. I'm already planning my next sweetmeat, roll on Easter!

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