26 August 2013

Lemon Curd Sandwich Cake

Being in need of practising my cake making I have to take every opportunity. The problem with not working is that I can't bring my cakes into work and you know what happens if the stay here? Yes, my husband and I have to eat them and that isn't conducive to healthy eating (I do try with the healthy eating, honest). Knitting group was at my house yesterday, opportunity knocks!
Having watched Great British Bake Off (SO EXCITED that it's back) that afternoon I thought a sandwich cake was the order of the day. I kept it fairly simple, vanilla sponge sandwich (from How to Be a Domestic Goddess) filled with lemon curd, lemon curd cream and lemon curd cream with blueberries for decoration.
It was a bit like GBBO in the my kitchen yesterday (apart from the fact that Paul, Mary, Mel and Sue weren't there!), I burned myself on the cooker ring and then stabbed myself with a knife when I was removing the nozzle from the piping bag! Not as bad as some on GBBO but getting there.
The sponges came out well with no sinking, you never do know. The lemon curd cream filling came from my Lemon Macaron making of two weeks ago. I mixed 200mls of whipped double cream with 4 tbsp of lemon curd. I think I might up the lemon curd next time, it needed a bit more of a kick. I then piped this over the lemon curd spread on the first sponge and then piped swirls on top. I thought the swirls needed some decoration so I popped a blueberry on each one. A sprinkling of icing sugar later, voila.

It went down well with the knitting girls and was a treat this afternoon with a little cappuccino.

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