4 April 2011

One Cushion Down....

Last weekend I finished the first of two cushions that I'm making for a couple of friends of mine. This one is a lovely pale green colour and the second one is cream (but the wool has a lovely bobbly texture).
I bought the amount of wool that I thought I would need but I didn't factor in my inability to calculate the amount of wool needed for the pattern! I'm very bad at working out how much wool I need if I'm using a different wool from the one recommended in the pattern. I mostly get it right, more luck than judgement I would say. This time I got it very wrong but I managed to get another ball of the wool with the same dye number so all was well. But as I got to the end of the cushion it became clear that I would just have enough to finish it but I might not have enough to sow it up, oops.
After blocking it out I started to sew up one side when I discovered that the wool is not very strong and when I pulled the stitches to tighten the seam the wool snapped. I then re-started from the other ends and, you guessed it, almost at the end it snapped again. Much cursing later I finished one side but there wasn't enough wool left for the other side. I went searching for a wool that would match and found a grey wool in my stash, but would it show? Only one way to find out. Happily because I use mattress stitch when sewing up the seam is invisible and so is the grey wool!
Once all sewed up I stitched on the buttons using a lovely dark brown and voila, one cushion. I am now moving on to the second one, I think I may have the same problem with the amount of wool but not to worry I'll find a way around it.

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