13 November 2010

Christmas Baking Continues: The Cake (part 1)

It was puddings a couple of weeks ago and last week it was time for the cake. In fact it was supposed to have been the previous week but Tesco (again) conspired against me. The recipe I used is from Feast by Nigella, I used it last year to great success and so decided that it would be the one this year too. It calls for pureed chestnut, seems reasonable doesn't it? Not beyond the ken of man? So you would think.
Armed with my ingredients list we went to Tesco Extra (note the Extra, promising me, well extra) at Surrey Quays again. I should have known better after my last trip but I'm an optimist at heart and the boyfriend needed to go there so... I didn't need to get much so we grabbed a basket and, dodging the multitudes who were all out again, we picked up the various ingredients. Then it came to the pureed chestnut and we went to all the aisles that it could/should have been in but no luck so I asked someone. It so happened that another woman had asked about the same thing (I did wonder if she was making Nigella's cake too, but didn't ask) and the gentleman had searched the spices aisle with no luck and sent us to the Christmas aisle. Off we went to be confronted with all manner of Christmas food, cakes, puddings, santas and other chocolate shaped Christmas objet. As you will have guessed, no pureed chestnut. One more turn of the likely aisles and we gave up. As I wanted to do the cake that day the boyfriend offered to take me to Sainsbury's in New Cross Gate (my local) and after checking that he really meant it (well, you have to show willing!) off we went. And, guess what? Loads of the stuff, tins of it, down be the head with it we were. Yes they had it. Not sure what this means about the difference between Sainsbury's shoppers and Tesco shoppers but I'll not be looking for anything out of the ordinary at Tesco for a while.
By this time I had lost my Christmas cake baking will so decided to leave it until the next week and so we get to last Saturday.

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